Evolution X - goal orientated online training environment
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Your Journey

What we will do for you

World class interactive instruction in a safe and goal orientated training environment. Our personalized training program caters to all levels of fitness including the complete novice. Our goal is to ensure that you improve consistently while learning correct training techniques; grow your self confidence and self belief – become the best version of you.


The fitness industry commonly promotes short term, get fit, quick fix programs as well as miracle fat burning supplements/drugs, which create unrealistic expectations. It is important to understand that realistically any goals worth working for, take time and commitment to achieve; there are no shortcuts or quick fixes.


It is natural on any journey to have ups and downs and it is important to not beat yourself up as you face various challenges; obstacles are completely normal. Depending on your health and wellness objectives, most of us will take at least six months and some of us substantially longer to reach our goals. Together we may choose to reassess your goals, to further improve or continue to maintain what we have already achieved.


Demand more of yourself; success is your choice. Make the commitment and we will work with you every step of the way.